Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World
September 20, 2011

Hi Fred,

Sorry for the delay in replying to your e-mail. School start up is always so busy but we now have our feet under us!

Thank-you for contacting us and allowing us the opportunity to update you with respect to some changes at Huron Heights this year. You are correct that we have a fairly strong, dedicated group of students who are interested in leaving the world a better place than when they arrived and these students will continue to be involved in charitable activities both locally and abroad. That being said, by the end of last year, we were struggling as a Key Club and were not able to form an executive
with the students that were remaining.

The changes that we have put into place for this school year pertain to the structure of our Student Activities Council (SAC) and have a direct impact on our charities group (key club). In recent years we have found that Key Club and SAC were competing for time/space to organize and run charitable events for our school community. This year we are trying something new. Our SAC has a number of committees that student leaders will head up and we have decided that one of these committees will be a "charities" committee. It is our desire to run our charities club through SAC this year. We plan to evaluate how our charities club does under this new structure and determine our best course of action at the end of this school year. We will definitely be in touch with you at that time to share our thoughts about the potential of retaining our Key Club in the future.

Erin, Gillian and myself do want to thank-you for all your hard work and dedication to our club over the past several years. Due to staffing changes and a new approach to SAC, the time just felt right to try a new approach to our charities club.

Thanks again,

Janis Tupling 

September 12, 2011

Hi Erin, Janis,

Hope you had a good summer and are set for another great school year.

Gillian suggested that I contact both of you at the start of the new school year to see if you had changed your minds about the Key Club and your involvement with it or have any suggestions of other teachers that may wish to get involved.

I contacted the new principal Bruce Deacon about Key Club and he said he was going to look into it but I haven't heard from him as yet. He may have spoken to both of you already.

I hope that something can be done to keep the Key Club going. My impression is that it was a very active club and the members got a lot out of the experience.

If either of you can help out that's great but if not then I hope there is someone else that will be willing to take up the challenge.

Either way please let me know. Take care. All the best.


June 10, 2011


During the 2010-2011 school year, the Huron Heights Key Club accomplished many great things. The fall started off with us teaming up with the Peace Club to run a Fall Food Drive. We raised about 960 lbs of food with the help of all our Huskies. When the Christmas season rolled in, "Ho Ho Huskies" loose change collections brought in $1700 worth of toys for the Angel Tree and McMasters Children's Hospital.

In the second semester of the year, we ran Candy Kabobs For Kids and Busking For Change for War Child, and $180 for Relay For Life through cupcake sales. Members of our Key Club also had the opportunity to volunteer at Oktoberfest, tree planting in Kitchener and Elmira, the Elmira Santa Claus Parade, and the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival during this year.

At the District Key Club Convention in Montreal, the Key Club brought home two awards for "Early Bird Due Payments" and for Membership Expansion. We thank all the Huskies for such a successful and giving year!

I would also like to extend my thanks on behalf of the graduating members to the Kiwanis Club of Elmira for their continual support and guidance, and for giving us opportunities to meet and work with amazing people within Kiwanis, Key Club and thecommunity. It has truly been a privilege to be a part of the Key Club and helping others in the community and making a difference big or small in the world, and we appreciate having the opportunity.

Thank you very much for everything over the past four years,

Melissa Mangal


April 1, 2011


We hope that the new year has been good to you so far! The Huron Heights Key Club has been busy since the beginning of second semester. Right after exams, the Key Club returned to school, enthusiastic and energetic and began second semester with a new event,"Candy Kabobs for Kids" supporting War Child.Each kabob was assembled by the members of the club during a lunchtime meeting and 95 kabobs were made to be delivered on Valentine's Day. They were a hit among students and staff and from this successful event, $50 will be given to War Child.

Our club bounced back into action following the march break with another first,"Busking for Change", where some of the talented students in the school performed in the front foyer collecting money for War Child. Members of the club even sported t-shirtswith our own slogan, "More Powerful with a Pencil ~ Support War Child," to get the message out. Even though it was the first time our club ran this event, we were successful in raising awareness as well as some more money for War Child.

The attention of the club is currently focused on efforts to help those affected by the devastating events in Japan. We have partnered with the Huron Heights Peace Club and together, we are doing lunchtime collections as well as keeping track ofdonations coming through the school from families of staff and students.

It has been two months of firsts for us and we hope to be reporting many more to you. Thank you for your continued support! Our club members are looking forward to the Maple Syrup Festival.

Melissa Mangal

December 16, 2010

Email from Erin Watt:

Re; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

On behalf of the KEY Clubbers, Janis and I would like to thank you for all of your help and support during this very busy and successful semester! We have just returned from shopping for the Angel Tree at Canadian Tire, where we spent nearly $800 that we fundraised through collecting change at school. The spirit of service is alive and well this holiday season at Huron Heights! Wishing you and your family (and the Kiwanis Club) a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


November 23, 2010

Our club has recently wrapped up our fall food drive from November 15-19. This year, we encouraged the staff and students of Huron Heights S.S. To donate food out of the goodness of their hearts, rather than presenting an incentive. We are proud tosay that we were able to raise 35 boxes of food weighing approximately 1000lbs. We also are very happy to report that our club members who attended Oktoberfest and the pancake breakfast had a lot of fun. Our club members are looking forward to the Elmira Santa Claus Parade on December 4th.

October 5, 2010

The club has had a roaring start to date. They’ve had upwards to 40 students attend their first two meetings of the year. Fred Karpala, Kiwanis Key Club Advisor attended their October 4, 2010 meeting and presented them with cheques for their portion of the proceeds raised at the Maple Syrup Festival and Beat Rocks the Block. They have committed 5 members to help at the Pancake Breakfast and any extras will man the Kiwanis Float. They’re also helping out at the Snack Shack and the Coat Check at Oktoberfest.

There is a Key Club training session scheduled for October 16, 2010 at St. Mary's High School run by Key Club LG Alison Beyer. Sarah Dunning, President, is planning on attending.

Key Leader Weekend will be held November 5 - 7, 2010 at the Circle Square Ranch in Brantford. The club is planning on sending some members to this event.

May 17, 2010

Gillian Little, Teacher Advisor will be taking a leave of absence from the end of June 2010 until February 2011. Erin Watt will take over her role. They hope to find another teacher to fill in while Gillian is away.
Our January Exam Grams went off without a glitch. This first effort of ours raised $80.00 for Haiti relief.  We are currently gearing up for our second round of Exam Grams during the middle of June. 

The election has been held for our executive positions for the 2010/2011 school year.  The following positions will be held by:
-Sarah Dunning  (President)
-Melissa Mangal (Vice-President)
-Tia G. (Secretary)
-Avneet Atwal (Treasurer)
-Spenser Waterson (Publicity + Special Events)
-Hannah Erhardt (Publicity and Special Events)

The Eastern Canada District Convention was held in Niagara Falls, Ontario on April 23-25th.  Six of our KEY club members were fortunate to attend. We all gained a lot of knowledge on promotion of events through advertising and other great ideas.
Fundraising ideas were also discussed and will be implemented into next years ideas. All of us who attended had a great time and go to both meet and interact with members from other clubs.  For our district fundraiser we ran our second annual Matchmaker campaign. It is now called MYFRIEND wherein students complete a survey and then receive a computer generated list of all of the students within the school who one would be most compatible with, in terms of friendship.  It is a lot of fun and highly anticipated by students. We raised $200.00 for SCAW (Sleeping Children Around the World). 

Lastly, we recently held a bake sale at our school's girls rugby game.  We raised $125.00 in just a few hours.  All of the proceeds went to Nutrition for Learning (a breakfast program run by the school board).  With the success we had, we hope to have another one before the end of the school year.

Spenser Waterson
Publicity and Special Events
April 23, 2010

The 6 key club members and their advisors are on their way to Niagara Falls for the Key Club Convention.
April 14, 2010

The Second Annual Seniors' Tea was held on Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

We were all so glad that you were able to join us. We actually had a lot of KEY club kids participate but they were sitting with grandparents that they had invited. ... Gillian Little.

Five Kiwanis members plus a spouse attended the Tea. They were Eric Adams, John Chapman, Gail Eby, Chloe Hamilton, Fred Karpala and Ron Wagner. We were hosted by Key Club members Melissa and Spenser and a helper, Courtney. Everyone enjoyed the food and the entertainment.

February 25, 2010.

Six Key Club members will be attending the District Convention in Niagara Falls April 23-25, 2010.

They are: Caitlin Feehan - gr. 11, Nikki Jones - gr. 11, Connor Watson - gr. 11, Spenser Waterson - gr. 10,
Braeden Feehan - gr. 9, Connor Frey - gr.9.
Their Teacher Advisors Gillian Little and Erin Watt will be attending as well.


No one will be going to the Key Leader Weekend in May.
January 18, 2010.

EXAMgrams are underway.  Our members are selling large boxes of Smarties in the foyer everyday at lunch. Students purchase one and send an encouraging message to friends before exams. Exams start on January 27, 2010.

In addition we are helping out with Haiti Relief every day.  Each

day students will be collecting loose change before school and at lunch from fellow students. All money is being donated to the Red Cross. Our members are also helping to count all of the donations that come into the school.  We are now working with other clubs to come up with ideas for ways we can further assist Haiti.

As for Convention, currently 8 students have shown interest.

Gillian Little,
Teacher Advisor


January 12, 2010.

Over the last few months the Huron Heights K.E.Y Club has been very busy.  From November 30th to December 9th our K.E.Y Club ran our annual Stuff-a-Stocking Campaign.  On November 30th members of our club handed out large gift bags and a gift suggestion list to the homerooms.  We asked the homerooms to collect gifts for a teen our age.  After the campaign ended we recollected the gift bags.  The next day we had a K.E.Y Club Christmas party where we wrapped the gifts that were collected.  It was a very fun way to start off the Christmas season.  The gifts we collected went to Family and Children’s Services’ Adopt A Family program.  These gifts then went to 25 teens in our community who otherwise would not have received a gift during the holiday season.  We also supported 2 teen moms in our school and 3 families in our community who were recently affected by fires in their homes.  We have also been collecting loose change in our weekly Change for Change collection.  The money we have raised has gone to charities like SCAW and other local charities.  The HHSS K.E.Y Club is currently organizing an event called Exam Grams.  We are going to sell boxes of “Smarties” the week before our exams start.  Students who buy a box (or more) will be able to send this box to their friends to wish them luck on their exams.  Our slogan for this event is Candy makes everything better.  Thank you for your support Fred.  Without you we would not be able to make a difference in our community.

Sarah Dunning
Junior Vice President of the HHSS K.E.Y Club


October 26, 2009

Over the past two months the Huron Heights K.E.Y Club has made many contributions to our community.  Firstly, we raised around $200 in our Change 4 Change collection.  This money will be donated equally to Jump Start and to the Food Bank. Secondly, the K.E.Y Club ran a successful Food Drive that began on September 29th and ended on October 8th.  To raise as many food items as possible we created a homeroom challenge.  Every two days volunteers went to the homerooms with shopping carts (borrowed from a local Zehrs) and collected and tallied the number of food items each class had brought in.  On the morning announcements the top three collecting classes were announced to encourage participation.  The winning homeroom received a prize breakfast donated by two local Zehrs stores.  In total we raised 1262 items for the Waterloo Region Food Bank.  Lastly, over the Thanksgiving weekend nine K.E.Y Club members volunteered at the Oktoberfest snack shack at the Kitchener Auditorium.  The volunteers enjoyed helping at Oktoberfest and had a lot of fun.  The Huron Heights K.E.Y Club is looking  forward to our  future projects which include fundraising for the United Way and our annual Stuff-A-Stocking campaign beginning at the end of November.

Sarah Dunning
Junior Vice President of the HHSS K.E.Y Club