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I was first involved in the Results Centred Leadership (RCL) program in 2004 – at the time I remember distinctly being ‘frozen in indecision’ both at work and at home, somehow I had convinced myself that I couldn’t move forward on several fronts for one reason or another, but what I was lacking was information. Through the principles taught in the RCL program I was able to organize my thinking, breakdown complex tasks and start moving forward in all areas of my life with the help of those around me. Since completing this program myself in 2004 I have since arranged for many of our staff managers to go through the course over the past decade – some of us a couple of times – the results have been varied as you truly get out of this course in the proportion that you put into it, but the net effect is that my company has steadily moved forward as everyone understands the importance of their role as leaders and the importance of their relationships with their co-workers.

I would recommend the RCL program to any organization or business that wants to move forward in a sustainable manner.

Paul Whittaker, P.Eng.


Engineered Lifting Systems, Elmira


To say the very least, enrolling in the Achievement Center RCL program is enlightening, thought provoking, highly progressive and the best key to success. A very intelligent endeavor for any Company or individual whose objective is to lead an above average business in an all-encompassing manner.

Manager, Retail Store, Montreal


The Results Centered Leadership Program were exactly the right type of guidance our managers needed. They provided the right amount of professional and best-practice guidance mixed with personal assessment and one-on-one coaching. TAC Montreal has a way of pulling away from the details of your job and looking at it from a different perspective in order to better assess priorities and set objectives. Lots of beneficial introspection and subsequent guidance."

Retail Store Owner, Montreal


“I participated in this course at the Achievement Centre and my team tells me the results are amazing. I didn't realize I was lacking so many traits in management. LOVE this course.”

Lori Ireland, owner of Square Feet Design, London ON


The Leadership Program helped our Management Team to understand each other’s perspectives and the issues that we faced in our departments. The open forum discussions allowed for us to share our ideas and learn how to best communicate with each other, as well as helping us to identify many opportunities for improvement, both personally and professionally. The course is easy to understand and well taught, with information that relates to real life situations. It helped us all become better managers and a more cohesive team. 

Sara Miles, Controller, Engineered Lifting Systems, Elmira